Things I've made trying to put my dent in the universe.

A list of projects I've worked on, I'm working on and I will work on.


Projects I currently work on.

  • Logo of Siketan

    A platform to manage farming data in some districts in Ngawi, East Java.

    Web and Apps

  • Logo of Trees Clean Laundry

    A Simple Laundry Management Website for Administrator built with NextJS and Typescript



Projects I worked on. Due to nature of internet businesses not all of them are still online.

  • Logo of Telkomsel Mailing Room

    A platform for managing in and out packages in Telkomsel's Offices

    PPT Mailing Room

  • Logo of Relasia

    An application that connects these parties where the help seekers can be recommended to volunteers who are trusted in their fields according to the area they need in an effective way.


  • Logo of Perumda Parkir App

    Perumda Parkir App

    Some applications that manage parking systems in Makassar, South of Sulawesi.

    Shut down

  • Logo of BrainNav


    A medical application that can show and manage 3D image CT/MR. Users can also point, draw, rotate the image as 3D Object. Special feature is stereotactic procedure that use in Stereotactic Surgery.

    Shut down

  • Logo of Evits

    Final project for Management Project Subject. The App will manage visitors from outside ITS.

    Manual Book

  • Logo of Translate App

    Final project for Mobile Programming Subject. The App can translate from given image. You can access this source code in

    PPT Presentation

  • Logo of Github Users Web

    Github Users with React JS and Github API


  • Logo of Github Users Android

    Github users with Android, Kotlin dan Github API


  • Logo of Schematics NLC Games API

    Schematics NLC Games API

    API for recording score of games in NLC competition

    Shut down